Corporation details - Blue Republic [B-REP]
Alliance: RvB - BLUE Republic CEO: Metal Jack
Kills: 781 HQ:
Losses: 8 Members: 455
ISK destroyed: 586.58B Shares: 150000
ISK lost: 0.70B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 99.88% Website:
Red vs Blue

Public Channel: R-V-B Discord:

RvB Recruitment FAQ

RvB Guidelines


Join Our Public Channel R-V-B to enquire about joining Red vs Blue

We have no Permanent Blues, and do engage in piracy. We will form purple as Red and Blue, or with other friends or NPSI groups against 3rd parties or neutrals. Most temp-blue situations are ad-hoc and temporary decisions made by the FCs or officers on site, so contact them for immediate action, or contact a Diplo for long-term discussion or issue resolution.

Join our Public Channel or Contact the Following:
Metal Jack, nitro oxide, or Zen Tsai.

Current Disposition and Location
RvB is currently Purple meaning we are not shooting each other for the time being. Instead we have joined Faction Warfare on the Caldari side, strictly for the increased content Current home base: Ichoriya V - Caldari Navy Logistic Support

Causus Belli
The Reds claim to be the seekers of truth and enlightenment yet engage in nothing but debauchery.

They commit many crimes and must suffer for their deeds, but nothing they have done or indeed can do can be as horrifying as their desecration of the Teapot of Justice, using it to make their so called "Pot Noodle".

Our power lies in the shadows, in manipulation and control, in strict obediance to the ancient scrolls, they swore the oath that they now defy, they must die.
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